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Why isn't pay-per-performance statistic always up to date?

Pay-per-performance is an advertising model where you get paid for referring visitors to purchase a product at an internet store (like amazon.com). Because target stores are not internal part of C|ON|TEXT system, we don't have instant access to all statistical date like we do in case of pay-per-click ads. In this case, C|ON|TEXT must wait for target stores to relay the information on completed purchases and earnings generated on them so they could be incorporated into account stats. Initially, C|ON|TEXT has access only to information on number of impressions and number of clicks.

Depending on how often target store relays data to C|ON|TEXT it may be up to several days before all the statistical data are available. That's why it's common for stats for a previous day and stats being sent by daily email to show pay-per-performance earnings as equal to zero. That most likely isn't correct and will be rectified once the data from target stores has arrived to our data center.

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