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What is keyword coverage?

Keyword coverage is a percentage of ad displays your campaign receives in certain period compared to competitive campaigns based on a certain keyword. For example, if your keyword has a coverage of 80% it means that out of every 100 displays initiated by certain keyword your campaign was displayed 80 times and all the competing campaigns only received 20 displays.

Keyword coverage is directly dependant on several factors. The most important ones are campaign quality and price per click. These two factors determine ranks of keywords that initiate your ad displays on a certain page. To increase keyword coverage you need to increase one or both these factors. That way you will increase your campaign's keyword ranks so it will be selected more often.

It is possible to have a keywords ranked on first position and still not receive 100% keyword coverage. This may happen if your campaign's daily budget is too small. Since budget is spread over entire day to ensure that your ad is displayed equally through the day, in some periods of peak traffic your campaign may reach a limit set by daily budget and therefore will not be considered for a display. Instead, competing ads will be displayed. The solution is to increase daily budget.

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