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What are the benefits of geotargeting?

C|ON|TEXT allows you to select a list of countries, regions and cities where you want your ads to be shown. It ensures we only bring relevant customers to you. Let's explain this with examples:

You are an Irish based seller of mobile phones. Your campaign uses geotargeting, and is set to be shown only in Ireland. A visitor searches the web and finds an article about a mobile phone (the same model you sell) on an Irish forum, member of C|ON|TEXT system. The system determines your ad could be a possible match, but also determines that visitor comes from United States. Your ad is skipped and similar ad with United States geotargeting is shown.

Another visitor (from Dublin) stumbles upon an Australian blog talking about the same phone model. This time the system determines the visitor is coming from Ireland, and correctly shows your ad to the visitor.

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