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How do i choose ad colors and format to fit my site design?

Ad colors and format are set individually for each channel on publishers portal. There are several approaches when selecting colors and formats but two of those stand out.

First approach usually used by publishers is to select colors in a way to blend in with the rest of the site design. Usually the same background color is selected as for the rest of the site, same text color and same border color as the borders already visible on the page. This approach increases chances of ad click as the visitor views the ad as an integral part of the site.

Second approach is totally different and here the colors are selected in a way to stand out from the rest of site design. The colors selected are usually drastically different from the rest of the colors used on site. This way the ad attracts attention and the visitor is encouraged to notice the ad and click on it.

Which approach will work on your site depends on many factors. The best way is to test both approaches yourself or create a unique one. Create two or more channels with different colors and show them on aproximately equal number of pages. After a week or two compare CPC and eCPM values of those channels and determine which channel achieved better results.

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