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What are in-text ads?

In-text ads are the most popular type of adverts with our publishers. With this type of advertising text on the page is dynamically transformed into ads, that way drawing the visitor's attention because the ads are an integral part of the text they're reading.

When visitor visits a page on a publisher's site, C|ON|TEXT analyses content of that page and locates keywords and phrases. Based on that, the system selects ads which are contextualy relevant to the page subject. Keywords and phrases are then transformed into a link. These links are specific in appearance so the visitor doesn't mistake them for exisiting links on the page. When a visitor moves the mouse pointer over such link, an advert is shown in a 'baloon' that is drawn on a page on top of exisitng page context. If a visitor clicks on an ad he is redirected to the site being advertised and a publisher is rewarded funds to his account.

This advertising system has proved to be very successfull because these adverts attract visitor attention more often. Banner ads cause 'ad blindness', as they are so frequent on the internet that most people simply don't see them anymore or subconsiously ignore them. Not seeing in-text ads is almost imposible because the link to the ad is in the text itself. If the visitor is really interested in some subject, having link and ad inside the text he currently reads will most likely get him interested for a click on the ad.

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