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Contextual advertising

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What are banner ads?

Banner ads are shown in ad blocks next to the text on the page. Usually they are below or above page contents but sometimes you can find them on the side or between paragraphs of the original text. You determine position and apperance of every ad block.

When visitor visits a page on a publisher's site, C|ON|TEXT analyses content of that page and locates keywords and phrases. Based on that, the system selects ads which are contextualy relevant to the page subject. Selected ads are then shown inside predefined ad blocks on the page. If a visitor clicks on an ad he is redirected to the site being advertised and a publisher is rewarded funds to his account.

Banner ads advantage is that they are visible all the time and there can be several ads per each ad block. This givs the user more oportunity to see the ad and click on it, therefore increasing your profit.

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