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How do I add ads to my site?

To add ads to your site you need to generate HTML code on publishers portal, insert the code into web pages of your site and then upload modified pages back to your site.

Generating code is a simple task you can do in publishers portal. All you need to do is create a new channel (or select an existing one) and then set parameters like color, format etc. At the bottom of the page there will be a code that you need to insert into a page.

You can insert code to the web page using any tool you usually use for editing HTML pages. Because you need to insert unmodified code for ads to function properly, you need to pay attention as some tools tend to alter code slightly when saving the page.

At the end you have to upload modified pages to the internet. You can also use any tool that you usually use for uploading. When page is opened for the first timer after uploading is finished, C|ON|TEXT will be notified and all subsequent page views will show ads on your pages.

Have in mind that, depending of our servers load, it may take up to full two days for your pages to be analyzed and added into the system, However, normallyt it will take just a couple of minutes for this to be acomplished.

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