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What are pay-per-performance ads?

Pay-per-performance is an advertising model where, as a publisher, you get paid for each sale on an internet store (like amazon.com) made after the visitor clicks on a corresponding C|ON|TEXT ad on your site. In this advertising model you don't get paid for every ad click but instead get the percentage of product you referred visitor to.

Obviously not every ad click is going to result in a purchase so it may seem that earnings using this advertising model may be less than using pay-per-click model. However, as you are paid the percentage of product you referred visitor to, the amount you earn is directly related to the price of the product advertised on your site. This means that you could actually earn more using pay-per-performance model.

Pay-per-performance is the "backup" advertising model and this type of ads are only shown on your site when there is not enough pay-per-click ads that are contextually relevant to the context of the page they are being shown at.

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