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What are pay-per-click ads?

Pay-per-clik is an advertising model where, as a publisher, you get paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad on your site. After each click, the system transfers certain amount of funds from advertiser's account to your account. Pay-per-click ads are primery choice when showing the ads on your site. Only when there is not enough such ads that are contextualy relevant to the text on the page will pay-per-performance ads be added to the ads list.

The amount per click that you can earn on this type of advertising will vary depending on which keywords caused the ad to appear. Some keywords are more popular than the others, and greater competition leads to advertisers being ready to spend more funds for having thair ad shown instead of their competitiors ads. That makes pages on your site that are relevant for such keywords to yield better results.

Have in mind that system carefully monitors for possible abuse. This is especially true in case of invalid clicks. If such situations are detected on your site you can have consequences, ranging from deducting funds awarded for invalid clicks to account cancelation with permanent ban on opening a new account. The system detects the majority of illegal clicks in real time, and the data is further analyzed later.

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