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How accurate is geotargeting?

Geotargeting is not absolutely accurate and the accuracy drops with type of territory in question. Geolocating on country level is around 99% accurate, on regional level it drops to around 85% while at the city level it could go below 65%. This data is different from country to country.

This imperfection is caused by the way internet is built. Physical location of the visitor that we show an ad to is determined by his IP address. Since various internet providers have their own IP addresses it is possible for a visitor from a single city or region to connect to internet through provider located in a different city or region. This will cause the system to determine incorrect location.

On country level this happens rarely as usually providers function within a single country. Rare exceptions are, for example, corporate networks that route traffic through servers in their headquarters located in a different country. In such a situation the system may determine that visitor comes from a country where a headquarters is located and not from a country where he currently is. These situation happen in less than 1% of cases.

On the regional or city level such situations are more often as it happens that a visitor from a certain town or region connects through server in the capital of the country or region although he is not currently there.

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