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How do I design a successfull ad?

To create a successful ad, you need to describe your product in a short and interesting way. The best approach is to 'tickle the imagination' of a potential client. That way the client will click on your ad and reach your site to find out more or purchase product.

Title and text of the ad should be short and informative and accompanying picture should be clear. Have in mind that not all ad formats display a picture, so you should design an ad where title and text tell the whole story. Picture is just a 'bonus'.

When choosing keywords, it is important to select words or phrases that a potential client associates to your product. You should select as many words as possible but you need to select words that are logically connected to your product. The reason for this is that the system calculates campaign quality value based on a ratio between ad impressions and clicks. This value (combined with price per click amount) determines which ad will have priority when several ads compete for an advertising space. Choosing irrelevant keywords leads to a decrease in campaign coverage value and that means you will probably have to pay more for your campaign to have a priority.

On the other hand, you shouldn't pick a handful of keywords either. In such a situation your ad simply won't have much opportunity to be displayed as lack of keywords will lead to very few pages on sites to be selected as compatible. We suggest you select a large number of keywords in the beginning and have a campaign running for several days. After that check the stats and see which keywords are successful and which only decrease campaign quality value. Then remove unsuccessful keywords and widen the successful keywords selection with similar words, plurals etc.

As for price per click amount, things are straightforward - the bigger the price, the more priority your campaign has when selecting between competitive campaigns. You can see the rank of each keyword for a given price per click at any time and if you think it is necessary you can change the price per click value. Have in mind that keyword rank is susceptible to change because competing ads owners can change their ad's price per click at any time and in doing so affect the rank of your keywords. The best way to see how effective is your campaign is to look up the campaign coverage value in your account stats. You can also see this value for each keyword separately.

If your product has a limited market, it is wise to geolocate your campaign to a certain territory. That way you avoid visitors from other territories that can't be your clients clicking on your ad and causing you unnecessary loss. You can geotarget an ad to a city, region or country and you can also select multiple territories at the same time.

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