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How much will I earn through C|ON|TEXT?

C|ON|TEXT ads you display on your pages are cost-per-click ads. That means you get paid every time visitor clicks on the ad. You receive portion of the amount paid to C|ON|TEXT by advertisers. We aim to enable publishers to earn maximum amount of money while at the same time being able to invest into system enough to keep it fast and stable.

The best way to find out how much you can earn is to join the system and start showing ads. Joining is free and you can implement the HTML ad code and start showing ads within minutes. After that you can view your earnings as well as extended information on your site's performance. That includes number of impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, etc. That will give you a good idea of how well you are doing and what you can expect to earn over time.

You can further increase your earnings if you join C|ON|TEXT referral program. When you reffer new publisher or advertiser to C|ON|TEXT you receive portion of system profit generated by them for entire year.

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