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I already tried using other contextual advertising systems. Why should I try C|ON|TEXT?

If you already used other contextual advertising systems then we need not explain much about how it operates, you probably know all the details. As you are probably aware of their limitations. Most of them require certain ammount of daily traffic to be reached by your site before you can join. If you manage to join, you often find ads on your pages that are way out of context, thus the interest of visitors deminishes, clickthrough percentage falls and less money goes your way. And should we mention "ad blindness" phenomenon?

Things are a lot different with C|ON|TEXT. First of all, we don't discriminate. As long as your site contents fits our guidelines, you are welcome to join. Daily traffic or the number of pages on your site are not a limiting factor, we aim to increase both by adding quality to your site.

Using strictly pay-per-click ads, C|ON|TEXT might run into the same kind of problems other contextual advertising systems do. We could simply not have appropriate ads for some of your pages. However, C|ON|TEXT has a list of several million pay-per-performance ads in its inventory. There is almost no topic that we won't have at least several ads to match to.

And have you noticed that visitors simply don't see the ads on your pages? They seen so many of them that their eyes and brains started simply blending ads into background. Thats where our pop-up ads come to rescue. When a word or phrase is detected on a page that is suitable for an ad, it becomes a link. This link is different than other links on the page. When visitor hovers mouse over that link, the ad appears above the text on that page. This ensures you grab the visitors attention when they are at their highest interest at what the ads are offering. This type of advertising has proved more successful than traditional ads.

And you can freely continue using other advertising systems. We allow mixing other systems with C|ON|TEXT, even on the same pages. That way you can determine how effective C|ON|TEXT is compared to your current advertisment methods and decide if it meets your expectations.

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