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I never published contextual ads. Why should I try C|ON|TEXT?

If you have a web site and have been publishing ads previously, you probably know the problems usually associated with selling advertising space on your site: advertisers are too few and managing them is way too complicated. Most of them have ads that are only appropriate for certain pages or sections on your site thus their ads fail to get the visitors interested. As a result, clickthrough percent is low, advertisers are not happy and you're back at square one - in a search for new advertisers. And site-maintaining expenses keep piling up.

If this sounds familiar, you're in for a surprise. It couldn't be further away from quality service you get with C|ON|TEXT.

C|ON|TEXT worries about both finding advertisers appropriate for your site as well as showing the right ads on the right pages on your site. Furthermore, the system is completly automated from your point of view. You just need to open account, generate ad code and paste it on your site pages. System takes over from there, finding the best matching and most lucrative ads for every page of your site. And at the end of the month you will receive payment directly from us that contains cumulative amount from all the advertisers which ads you've shown on your site.

And even if no advertiser has ads in the system compatible enough with your site contents, there is always a list of couple of million pay-per-performance ads. With that much ads available, it is impossible not to find several maching ones for each page of your site. You will never run out of ads on C|ON|TEXT and you don't have to worry about finding advertisers.

And if you don't want to, you don't have to give up your regular advertising routine, you can use C|ON|TEXT to supplement it. We allow using other advertising systems along with our own on sites, even on the same pages. That way you can determine how effective C|ON|TEXT is compared to your current advertisment methods and decide if it meets your expectations.

You can also reffer your regular advertisers to C|ON|TEXT. That way, you'll be receiving a percentage of profit they generate for the system. And that is not just for ads shown by that advertiser on your site, but on evry other site that displays the same advertiser's ads.

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