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I already advertise on the net. Why should I try C|ON|TEXT?

If you're an experienced internet advertiser, you probably know the routine: locate a web site compatible to your advertising campaign, contact their marketing section, agree to their (specific) terms and modify your campaign accordingly, email campaign material to them, check couple of times a day if they're keeping their end of the deal, call to ask why you're not seeing your ads where they're supposed to be. Then just be left in the dark on how many times the ad was shown or how many visitors it brought to your site. And then doing it all over again with additional sites.

If this sounds familiar, you're in for a surprise. It couldn't be further away from quality service you get with C|ON|TEXT.

With C|ON|TEXT, your ads are displayed on all sites in a constantly growing network for which the system determines are compatible with your campaign. Some of those sites you may have already identified yourself. For others you might have though as not compatible, but C|ON|TEXT might locate parts of those sites and pages compatible with your campaign. And you never heard of some of the compatible sites, but C|ON|TEXT will nevertheless locate them and put your ads on those pages. With C|ON|TEXT you get instant access to large number of sites, blogs, forums etc.

C|ON|TEXT gives you a lot of free advertising. Because you pay only when a visitor clicks on your ad and comes to your site, all the ads displaying is for free. So, even if some of the selected sites or pages for your ads are not as compatible as the system thought they were, it's not your problem. Your ads are still shown and you get the free advertising. Luckily for us, system rarely makes such mistakes and is quick to learn from them.

Speaking of payment, C|ON|TEXT lets you choose maximum price per click and daily budget yourself. You will never be charged more than what you choose. And sometimes you will be charged even less, depending on the number of competing ads for a certain page.

Using C|ON|TEXT, you get to select where your visitors come from. You can select countries, regions or cities that are of interest to you as a market, and the system will limit showing your campaign only to visitors coming from those locations. Others will be ignored. So the system will be smart enough not to show your ads to foreign visitors coming to a local web site and will be even smarter to show your ads to a visitor from your city visiting a site half a world away.

C|ON|TEXT will keep a track of your campaigns at all times. You will be able to see how many ads were shown, how many of those were converted to visitors on your site and how many of those visitors actually purchased something on your site. You are able to access those stats any time of day or night, whenever that suits you. And, because you are able to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can immediately react to improve them, without waiting for campaign to end. You can better your campaigns as you go, pulling the maximum out of every one of them.

And have you ever heard of "ad blindness". People are so used to standard ads sizes and placements that they tend to simply ignore them or not even notice them. Thats why, along with standard ad formats, C|ON|TEXT brings intuitive new formats. New formats that allow you to capture the visitors attention when they're in the middle of reading about just the thing you're offering.

Simply, there is more then enough benefits in C|ON|TEXT to not give it a try.

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