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Contextual advertising

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What is C|ON|TEXT?

C|ON|TEXT is contextual advertising system that uses a large pool of web sites to display ads. Based on contents of pages on your sites, C|ON|TEXT selects the best possible ads for each page. You earn when a site visitor clicks on the ad. Contextual ads filtering process ensures that shown ads will be interesting to your sites visitors and therefore maximizes your profit.

It is very easy to start showing ads on your sites. All you need to do is use our intuitive graphical designer, select colors that will fit in your site design nicely and once you like what you see, simply copy the code system generates for you onto your pages. The system takes over from there, analyzes each page, selects best matching ads and displays them on your pages.

Ads that will be shown on your site are selected by page contents and visitor location. So, the visitor will see only ads that advertise products or services from the visitors own town, region or country, further increasing the visitor interest and therefore maximizing your profit.

If there is not enough pay-per-click ads to show on your page for certain visitor, the system supplements them with pay-per-performance ads. These are the ads that lead to products on most popular web stores. With this type of ads, you're not paid for clicks on the ad, but instead you receive the percentage of the product price if the visitor purchases it from the store.

You get paid at the end of the month for the previous month. Based on your country of residence, you have several methods available for receiving the money.

Apart from standard inline ads, C|ON|TEXT uses intuitive new ad format. When a word or phrase is detected on a page that is suitable for an ad, it becomes a link. This link is different than other links on the page. When visitor hovers mouse over that link, the ad appears above the text on that page. This ensures you grab the visitors attention when they are at their highest interest at what the ads are offering. This type of advertising has proved more successful than traditional ads, as people tend to simply not notice traditional ads.

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