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Contextual advertising

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How does C|ON|TEXT work?

C|ON|TEXT offers quick and smart way to advertise on the net. Your ads are displayed on participating sites in constantly growing network of sites. The system pairs your ads to contextually similar pages across the network in an effort to match visitor interests to your offer.

When a visitor opens a page in web browser, the page is downloaded and analyzed by the system. The system uses a specially designed algorithm to determine the page topic. The system then determines if any of your ads match that topic. The list of potentially suitable ads is compiled.

In the next step, the system checks candidate ads against visitor's location. If any of the ads is not designed for the market the user is coming from, the system removes it from the candidate list. This ensures your ads are shown only to visitor from markets where you operate.

The remaining ads are then ranked by relevance, campaign quality, price per click and daily budgets. If your ad is ranked high on the final list, it will be displayed on the site. You are not charged for this. You are only charged if a visitor clicks on the ad and comes to your site. This ensures you get a lot of free advertising.

Using our intuitive control center, you can measure success of your ads 24/7. You can see how much you spend, what your conversion ratio is, how you rank compared to competing ads and how much network coverage you're getting compared to competitor ads. You can change ad design, price you pay per click and daily budget at any time. You can stop and resume your campaigns at any point. Simply, you are in complete control of the advertising process.

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