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What is geotargeting?

C|ON|TEXT allows you to target visitors your ad is being shown to by their current location. You can select any combination of countries, regions or cities and your ads will be shown only to visitors coming from those territories. All other visitors will not be able to see your ads. Therefore, no clicks and money will be spent to visitors that are not your potential customers.

For example, let's assume your business is located in Ireland, and your ads are written in English language. Without geotargeting, your ad might be shown to visitors from UK, Canada or Australia. They might get interested in the ad, but only upon arriving to your site they would realise that they cannot purchase product from you unless they are in Ireland. You cannot gain and will still have to pay for that click. Geotargeting helps you avoid this kind of situation. You can select to show ads only to visitors from Ireland and visitors from other countries will not see your ad.

In another example, let's assume you want to target both English speaking and Spanish speaking population in the US. You could create two campaigns. First campaign would have ad text and keywords in English, the other would have them in Spanish. You would target US in both campaigns. You can select different daily budgets for each campaign. Ads in English will be shown to visitors coming from US to sites in English all over the world. It would not be shown to visitors from UK, Ireland, Australia or Canada. Ads in Spanish would be shown to visitors surfing on sites in Spanish language in US, Mexico or Spain, but only if they are surfing from US. It would not be shown to visitors surfing the same sites if the visitors are coming from Mexico or Spain.

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