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How do I improve keyword ranks?

Keyword ranks are compiled out of several factors. Two of them, the most important ones, you can influence. These are cost per click and campaign quality.

Let's assume that keywords X and Y are the same keywords in competing campaigns. Campaign X has a campaign quality of 37 and cost per click of 3.02 €. Campaign Y has a campaign quality of 56 and cost per click of 2.18 €. The system ranks them like this:

X: 3.02 x 37 = 111.74 (ranks 2nd)
Y: 2.18 x 56 = 122.08 (ranks 1st)

Even with significantly higher cost per click, keyword X still ranks 2nd and misses out of best advertising spots. There are two ways for keyword X to get to 1st position. It can increase its campaign quality to 41 or it can increase cost per click to 3.30 €.

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