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What is keyword rank?

Keyword rank is a position your keyword has compared to the same keyword in competing campaigns.

Keyword rank is determined using a mixture of several factors. Most important of those are keyword CTR and campaign quality. If your keyword is ranked 1st, your campaign will be a primary candidate for showing on a certain page. If your keyword is ranked 2nd, your campaign will be displayed only when campaign containing keyword with rank 1 has used its daily budget. Similarly, keyword with 3rd rank will only receive attention when both keywords with better rankings have used up their daily budget.

Obviously, having each campaign keyword ranked as high a possible is crucial for your campaign exposure. You can always check how much exposure your campaign got compared to competing campaigns. All you need to do is check the Campaign coverage value for your campaign. Similar value can be found for each keyword, giving you the opportunity to check which keywords are underperforming.

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