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What is daily budget?

Your daily budget is the amount that you're willing to spend on a specific campaign each day. For example, if your cost per click is 0.30 € and your daily budget is 30.00 €, C|ON|TEXT will allow no more than 100 clicks per day.

If you have an adequate cost per click amount and campaign quality, your ad will be one of primary choices for displaying. C|ON|TEXT will display your ad as often as possible while staying within your daily budget. If your ad is not among the primary choices, sometimes your daily budget will not be reached fully.

C|ON|TEXT tries to distribute clicks evenly through the day. If your daily budget allows for 240 clicks, C|ON|TEXT will try to display enough ads to get you 10 clicks per hour in average (one click every 6 minutes). However, this depends on periods of low and high traffic on sites your ad displays on. In reality, clicks may not be so equally distributed.

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