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Guidelines for landing page quality

Having a high quality landing page is of great importance to you. It improves your campaign quality, allowing you to pay less cost per click and awarding you better advertising spots. In addition, high quality landing page assures you convert more visitors we send you way into your customers.

Here are some guidelines on making a high quality landing page. Note that these are not exhaustive and we urge you to use best practices when designing a landing page.

  • Your landing page should contain what the ad promised. If you advertise a single product, click should lead to the page where user can read the review or/and buy the product. If you advertise your business, the click should lead to your home page or business description page.
  • Have unique content on your landing page. Have enough information about the product. Don't create a landing page that consists mostly of ads and very little content, trying to make a user click on the ad as the only choice on page.
  • Don't alter visitor's browser behaviour (disabling back button, resizing browser window, etc) without visitor consent.
  • If your page installs software (standalone, ActiveX, etc), clearly notify the user and allow easy removal.
  • Don't request personal information unless necessary. If you do need to request it, provide privacy policy that explains how the information might be used. Give the visitor ability to opt out of subscriptions or newsletters.
  • Avoid use of pop-up or pop-under windows.
  • Make sure your page loads as quickly as possible.

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