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I never advertised online. Why should I try C|ON|TEXT?

Online advertising is proving to be the most powerful and cost-effective tool to drive traffic to your web site. Online advertising provides maximum exposure to your products or services than any other form of advertising. If your business caters mainly to the online clients or you own a web site then it become very important to focus on online advertising as this will increase the traffic on your web site.

The online community is more affluent, better educated, younger and more willing to spend money than the population at large - even as more and more people go online. Unlike broadcast and print media, C|ON|TEXT allows advertisers to target exactly who will see their ads and in what context.

Unlike commercials or print ads, C|ON|TEXT is only the beginning of the process. While your ad might present only your branding message, interested prospects can always click on it to go directly to your Web site. Once there, they can access as much material about your company and products as you care to present.

Partly because you pay only for exactly what you're getting, C|ON|TEXT advertising can be extremely competitive with other forms of advertising. If you buy 1,000 ad clicks, for example, you know that exactly 1,000 people will click your ad. And many more will see it, without extra charge to you.

Compared to C|ON|TEXT advertising, traditional media advertising is like shooting in the dark. C|ON|TEXT allows advertisers to gather detailed information on number of displayed ads, conversion rate, market coverage and more. Better yet, you get this information instantly, allowing you to adjust your ad campaign and make it even more effective.

Traditionally, advertising was a one-way mechanism. Apart from techniques like toll-free numbers pitched in infomercials and mail-in coupons inserted into print publications, there was no way for customers to act on the information in the ad. On C|ON|TEXT, though, interested customers can click, learn more and actually buy on the spot.

There's simply nothing more powerful.

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