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What is C|ON|TEXT referral program?

C|ON|TEXT referral program gives you an opportunity to earn by referring new advertisers or publishers to C|ON|TEXT.

As a publisher you receive personalised links to several pages on the system, like home page or login pages to advertisers and publishers portal. You can spread around those links in any way you prefer. You can mail them to people, put them on your web site, mention them on the blog or publish them on forums you visit. If someone clicks on your personalised link and joins C|ON|TEXT as advertiser or partner, you become their referrer.

As a referrer, you are awarded 25% of entire profit C|ON|TEXT generates on advertiser or publisher whom you referred to the system in the 12 months following their signup date. Furthermore, if they refer additional members, you are awarded 15% in second level and additional 5% in potential third level. Those earnings are added to your existing publisher account and are paid off together and by same rules as other publisher payments.

You can view the current state of your referer network and the earned referrer amount at any time on the publisher's portal. You can also view your personalised links there.

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