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How do I choose the most effective keywords?

It is very important to have the best possible selection of keywords. Correct keywords give your ads maximum exposure on the right sites. That results in higher CTR to your campaign, allowing you to pay less cost per click, while at the same time bringing more potential buyers to your site. Thus, you need to be certain not to choose unrelated keywords which will make your campaign address wrong audience. On the other hand, you shouldn't be too conservative as it might lead to missed opportunities and will be exploited by your competition.

The first step you should take is to review the product or service you are advertising. Think about what makes it desirable to the site visitor. Try to think like your customers. Go to the product page on your site and review it. Locate pages on the internet you think would be ideal for your ad and analyze them. Locate common keywords on all the sources.

Once you constructed a preliminary list, try expanding it. Include plurals for the most important keywords. Try to think of the synonyms for existing keywords and include those also.

Don't worry about capitalization. The system is not case-sensitive.

Once you're happy with your keyword list, apply it to the campaign. But be sure to check you keyword performance pages. You may find that some of the keywords are not performing well. That consequently makes you pay more cost per click, so you can later modify or remove low-performance keywords. Be sure to give them a chance though. We recommend testing each keyword for at least a week before giving up on it.

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