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How do keywords influence my campaign?

Keywords define your campaigns. They link your campaign and your ads to pages on the internet with similar context. Using keywords you selected C|ON|TEXT knows on which pages it should try to insert your ads.

Having that in mind, it is easy to understand that the right selection of keywords may have huge impact on the ranking your ads are winning. If you select keywords that have a logical connection with the product or service you're advertising, C|ON|TEXT will be able to select the right pages to show your ads on. On the right pages, the visitors will be more likely to click on your ads, thus increasing your CTR and campaign quality. With higher campaign quality, you are able to pay lower cost per click.

For example, if you're selling mobile phones, and are running a campaign for a certain phone model, the good choice would be to choose keywords that define mobile phone in global, as well as keywords that describe phone specifics which might be important to potential buyers. Potential keyword choices might be mobile, mobile phone, cell phone, sms, mms, gsm, gprs, edge, umts, 3g. Those are all keywords that potential buyers browsing the net are looking for, and having your ads on those pages is vital. Visitors are likely to click more often than average on those ads, which not also brings a lot of potential buyers to your site, but also increases campaign quality, which leads to lower cost per click you're paying for advertising.

On the other hand, although the same phone model may come in black and white variants, having black or white as keywords is not a good choice. The system might then give your ads advertising spot at a page talking about black and white t-shirts. Obviously, visitors on that page are not as nearly as interested for buying a mobile phone, which results in less than average CTR. This decreases your campaign quality, consequently forcing you to pay more for cost per click even on successful keywords.

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