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How can I improve campaign quality?

Improving campaign quality is of huge importance. Ads with high campaign quality are able to secure top advertising spots while using lower cost per click. Campaign quality is calculated combining several factors. Most important of those factors are ad relevance, keyword selection and quality of landing page.

Poor selection of keywords is the most common cause of low campaign quality. You should review all your keywords using 'keyword performance' page in your campaign statistics part of advertisers account. You should remove or edit keywords with low CTR, and add similar keywords to ones that produce high CTR. You should also take the time to read a bit more on keywords in general and how to select proper keywords for your campaigns. Links to related articles can be found at the bottom of this text.

Another common cause for poor campaign quality is the design of your ads. It's up to you to create eye-catching ads that will interest the user enough to click on them. It's not enough just having your ads on the right pages and sites, the user must act upon seeing them. Just how to design the right ad depends on many factors, but you should generally try following the ad design guidelines, as they work well in most cases.

Landing page should be straightforward and transparent, leading visitor directly to purchasing the product or service that was advertised on C|ON|TEXT. You should take the time to review landing page quality guidelines.

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