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How much does C|ON|TEXT cost?

Showing ads on C|ON|TEXT is absolutely free. You are only charged when a visitor clicks on your ad and comes to your site.

You can select maximum cost per click amount you are ready to pay. You will never be charged more than what you selected. In some cases, depending on the competition for a certain advertising spot, you will be charged less. The lowest amount you can offer is 0.05 €.

System ranks all candidate ads for a certain page based on number of factors. Most important factors are cost per click and campaign quality. If your cost per click and/or campaign quality are too low, your ad will not rank high enough to be shown on a page. You can change this in two ways. One is to increase cost per click enough to outrank some of competing ads. The other is to improve campaign quality.

Improving campaign quality will reduce cost per click you are required to set in order to reach good advertising spots. Obviously, this is the best way to reduce your advertising costs.

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