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Contextual advertising

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What is filter sensitivity for pay-per-performance ads?

Filter sensitivity is a setting you can use to choose between showing more ads on the page that are not too contextually relevant to the page contents and showing smaller number of ads that are directly relevant to the page.

Internally, C|ON|TEXT is able to calculate how much relevance does each potential ad has in relation to your page's content. A small percentage of ads is completely relevant to page contents. As the number of candidate ads increases, their relevance drops. Filter sensitivity allows you to balance between these two options. You can set the filter to show lots of ads including those with poor relevance or you can decrease number of ads being shown and show only highly relevant ads.

Have in mind that, depending on your page's content, too conservative settings can result in no ads being shown on your page because system will not find any ads that is relevant enough.

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