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How do I create a new campaign?

To create a new campaign on your account, you can simply log in to account, type in campaign name in the field below the table on the main screen and click on link Add. This will start the wizard that leads you through campaign creation process step by step.

Besides campaign name, one of the most important pieces of information is the target link of a page on your site where you want the user directed to (after clicking on the ad). This can be any page on your site and the usual choices are home page or product description page.

After that you need to type in title and text of the ad and optionally select an image to accompany them. Title and text should describe the product in such a way to get the potential client interested in clicking on the ad to learning more on your site. Product image is optional and the system will automatically resize it if the size is too big.

After that you need to choose keywords which will help the system select the right sites and pages to show your ad on. These are the words that the potential clients associate with your product. You can select a number of keywords and based on how often users click on them, the system calculates campaign quality value. High quality value allows you to pay less for advertising.

Then you need to enter price per click and daily budget. Price per click determines how often is your ad selected for showing compared to competing ads (that have similar keywords). Daily budget determines the total amount campaign is allowed to spend per day.

After that you can select target territory (or several) that you ads will show on. Target territories can be states, regions or cities. This way you can limit your ad's audience to visitors coming from your target markets. You can also select the criteria that will automatically stop your campaign when reached. These include start and end date for a campaign as well as total amount allowed to spend on a campaign. If you don't select a criteria, campaign will run until you manually stop it or your account funds are depleted.

At the end you can see a campaign summary and turn on daily reports for a campaign. These will be sent to your email address if you choose to.

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