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Contextual advertising

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What are campaigns?

Campaigns are basic units of your advertising on C|ON|TEXT. Inside a single campaign, you define how the ad looks like, price per click, daily budget and keywords that link your ad to relevant pages on the internet.

You can have one or more campaigns for each product you advertise. Here are several reasons why you'd want to have more than one campaign running for the same product. For example, you might want to have several different ad designs (text and image). In that case, you can define several different campaigns and you also get the possibility to define separate prices per click and daily budgets for each campaign.

Another potential reason to create several campaigns for the same product is if you're advertising on several separate markets by different terms. Then you can, for example, define one campaign for a single country or region market and geotarget the campaign for that area using geolocating options. Then you could create a different campaign and geolocate it to a different area. Again, you are able to set separate prices per click and daily budgets for each campaign.

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