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Contextual advertising

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How quickly will C|ON|TEXT ads start appearing on my site?

You first need to be accepted into system and you have to implement the HTML ad code on your site. Once you have completed the procedure it may take up to 48 hours for ads to start appearing. Typically, you should start seeing ads within minutes.

After the code is implemented, next acces to a page on your site by any visitor will alert C|ON|TEXT of page's existence. The system will then download and analyze the page. At first contextual targeting may be somewhat off. The contextual relevance of ads on your pages will increase in time as system learns more about your page, your site in general and compares the data to existing ads in the system.

Have in mind that every time you change the page, it may take some time for page to be reevaluated and the ads relevance to return to normal levels.

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