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How do I stop my ads from appearing on certain sites?

If you want to prevent C|ON|TEXT from showing your ads on certain site or domain, you can do it easily. Go to the campaign details section, under Campaign settings tab.

Enter any part of the site or domain address in provided box and click on Create. C|ON|TEXT will locate all sites in the system that contain text you entered in their domain name and will remove your ad from those sites.

You need to be carefull when using this feature though. When you enter site you will stop your ads on both mysite.com and yoursite.net, although you just wanted to remove your ads from site.com. You will also stop your ad from showing on www.site.com as well as products.site.com. The correct thing to enter in this example would be www.site.com.

This approach gives you a lot of flexibility but you have to be carefull not to accidentaly stop your ads from showing on more sites than you intended.

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