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How do I earn money using C|ON|TEXT?

There are two ways you can earn using C|ON|TEXT. Both ways require that you create C|ON|TEXT publisher account. Publisher account has built-in mechanisms to handle your payments.

You can earn by showing C|ON|TEXT ads yourself. Showing ads requires that you implement a piece of code to your site's pages. The code is obtained from publisher's account interface, and is easy to install. The procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes. The system takes over from there. You can easily set your account not to show your own ads on your site. The same goes for your competitors ads. If you don't want them showed on your site, it's easily done. You can pick up the funds you earn, or you can reinvest them into your advertiser account, using them to support your own campaigns.

The other way to earn using C|ON|TEXT is through our referral program. You will be awarded a percentage of C|ON|TEXT profit generated by new members your refer to C|ON|TEXT during 12 months after their entry into the system. You can refer both potential publishers and potential advertisers.

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