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I know a perfect site for my ads, but it's not C|ON|TEXT member. What do I do?

This is a situation where you can increase your ads exposure while earning at the same time.

In this situation you need to contact the site owner or administrator and let them know you'd like to advertise on their site through C|ON|TEXT. Look up the site and find a way to contact them. There is usually a contact form or an email located somewhere on the site. Once you have the means of contacting them, there are two ways to do it.

You can simply send an email to the site, letting them know of your intentions. You can direct them to C|ON|TEXT home page where they can learn more about the service. If they decide to join C|ON|TEXT, your ad will automatically start showing on that site along with all other C|ON|TEXT member sites.

The other way allows you to refer other sites to C|ON|TEXT, while earning at the same time. You do that by entering C|ON|TEXT referral program. Membership is free. Once you become a member of C|ON|TEXT referral program, you are given personalized links to several C|ON|TEXT pages. If anyone uses that link to come to C|ON|TEXT site and join, you'll be receiving a percentage of C|ON|TEXT profit generated by those members during next 12 months.

To join C|ON|TEXT referral program, you'll have to create publisher account. You are not required to put ads on your site, you can earn solely through referrals. You can learn more about referral program and ways to get paid on referral support site. Some links are below this text.

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